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Ajay Maharaj Baraskar General Information:

Full NameAjay Maharaj Baraskar
Friend/Family members:Ajay Maharaj Baraskar
Age-Ajay Maharaj Baraskar is 44 years old.
height-5Feet 7 inch/ 173 CM
weight65 kg / 151.393 Pounds.
Date of birth-Ajay Maharaj Baraskar was Was Born in Ahmednagar.
Profession Ajay Maharaj Baraskar is a renowned hymn singer from religious texts like “Abhang” and mythological stories a kirtankar.
NationalityAjay Maharaj Baraskar has Indian Nationality.
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Who is Ajay Maharaj Baraskar :

Ajay Maharaj Baraskar, a renowned hymn singer, made his point clear by citing examples from religious texts like “Abhang” and mythological stories a kirtankar from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, resides in Pune.Recently, a statement made by Manoj Jarange stirred controversy.

Manoj Jarange warned Ajay Baraskar not to fall into the government’s trap by refraining from using Facebook.

Jarange emphasized the importance of not succumbing to government tactics and staying vigilant.

Additionally, he advised Baraskar not to let the government deceive him, just as he should not let the trap set by Jagadguru Tukaram Maharaj catch him.

He urged Baraskar to remain steadfast in his devotion to Tukaram Maharaj and avoid falling into any traps set by the authorities.

Jarange also reminded Baraskar of their shared commitment to the teachings of the Varakari sect, emphasizing the need for vigilance among their followers.

Controversy Between Ajay Baraskar and Manoj Jarange: A Simplified Overview

In recent news, there has been a heated exchange between Ajay Baraskar and Manoj Jarange, shedding light on some concerning allegations. Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Ajay Baraskar accused Manoj Jarange of disrespecting Sant Tukaram Maharaj and making inflammatory statements.

Additionally, Baraskar claimed that Jarange used inappropriate language when addressing him during a confrontation.

Jarange, on the other hand, denied these accusations, stating that he never indulged in any disrespectful behavior towards Sant Tukaram Maharaj or used derogatory language against Baraskar.

He emphasized that he doesn’t engage in any actions for fame or money, including not accepting payment for spiritual activities like kirtans.

This controversy has sparked widespread discussion and debate among the public, with people taking sides based on their interpretations of the situation.

It’s essential to examine the evidence and statements from both parties objectively before drawing any conclusions.

Regardless of the outcome, this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining civility and respect in public discourse, especially when discussing sensitive matters related to religion and spirituality.

It also underscores the need for clear communication and understanding to resolve conflicts amicably.

Aren’t Kids Too Arrogant?

Jarange’s daughter said, “My father’s devotion is greater than God’s.” Are kids this arrogant? Does she think she’s bigger than God?

The government and Bhujbal’s men are making accusations against me. So, I don’t have any connection with them. Until today, no letter has been sent to the government.

He changes sides every day… records all meetings on camera. If someone questions him, he curses them,” said Ajay Maharaj Baraskar.

On December 23rd, a secret meeting was held with some people. I am a witness. In Ranjan Gaon, a secret meeting was held with high-ranking officials at 4 in the morning. It was held in Lonavala after that. The fifth meeting took place in Vasai.

Manoj Jarange Patil is unaware of the differences between orders and laws. I’ve seen him talking in a derogatory manner in front of the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

He has given orders to the leaders of the Maratha community. Jarange doesn’t have the right mindset. He wants to trap people. They are cunning; they stick to their words.

A lot of damage has been done to the Maratha community in all these processes. This is an allegation made by Ajay Maharaj Baraskar against Manoj Jarange.

Ajay Maharaj Baraskar stated that he does not work for fame or money. He only sings hymns. He does not take money for it. For the past few days, thoughts have been running through my mind. I have expressed them. After that, I have received many threatening calls. But my work is to tell the truth. Jarange has insulted Sant Tukaram Maharaj. I cannot tolerate it.

Protest on February 10 Without Any Deliberation Ajay Baraskar Condemns Manoj Jarange’s Actions:

A meeting of the community was not held to fast on February 10? At that time, people protested.

The deadline was extended until February 16. But after receiving a phone call, Jarange changed his role. The community was not informed, so Jarange was disappointed. People did not gather, so Jarange was upset. He said, “I have recordings of Jarange’s statements where he talks about how to do the fast.”

Just as Lord Shri Krishna once stated that Shishupala had committed 100 crimes, similarly, Baraskar equated Jarange’s actions to 100 offenses.

In an attempt to persuade Jarange to end his fast, I went to the middle ground. I tried to offer him water with my own hands. While I was trying to explain that I had come from Dehu, Jarange insulted the saint. This saddened me deeply. I couldn’t bear this insult, so now I am openly criticizing Jarange, as Baraskar stated.

Baraskar further expressed that if he were to travel by bus and find out that the bus driver was drunk, he would first get off the bus and then urge other passengers to do the same.

Today, the person leading the Maratha community’s movement is also intoxicated, and I feel compelled to bring this to everyone’s attention, Baraskar concluded.

FAQ’s About Ajay Maharaj Baraskar:

Q1: How old was Ajay Maharaj Baraskar?

Ans: Ajay Maharaj Baraskar was 44 years old.

Q2: Who is Ajay Maharaj Baraskar?

Ans: Ajay Maharaj Baraskar is a renowned hymn singer from religious texts like “Abhang” and mythological stories a kirtankar.

Q3: Ajay Maharaj Baraskar Facebook Profile ?

Ans:  Ajay Maharaj Baraskar.

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