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David Crowe Net Worth

David Crowe Net Worth General Information:

Total Net Worth-$ 200 K
Full NameDavid Crowe
Friend/Family members:David Crowe
Monthly Income-$ 10,000+
Age-David Crowe is 33 years old
height-5.8 Feet / 186 CM
weight85 kg / 187.393 Pounds
Date of birth-David Crowe was born in 12 June 1990 in Washington, United States.
ProfessionDavid Crowe is worker Profession From United States
NationalityDavid Crowe has American Nationality.
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Who is David Crowe:

David Crowe, a 33-year-old American from Seattle, has made headlines in the US news because of allegations of stalking a popular celebrity.

David Crowe Introduction:

In a recent and unsettling turn of events, 33-year-old David Crowe from Seattle has found himself in legal trouble, arrested by the New York Police for allegedly stalking the renowned pop star Taylor Swift.

Everything started on January 22, 2024, when Crowe was caught outside Swift’s home in New York City. This event grabbed a lot of public attention and raised concerns about the safety of Taylor Swift.

Arrest and Charges:

Crowe’s arrest was prompted by his suspicious behavior around Taylor Swift’s home, where he was reportedly seen asking people if the singer lived there.

Although he did not attempt to break in, his presence caused distress among onlookers, leading the police to intervene.

Subsequently, Crowe was arrested on charges of harassment and stalking, each count carrying potential legal consequences.

Details of the Arrest:

Photographs of Crowe, clad in a dark blue hoodie and in handcuffs, being escorted by two officers from the 1st Precinct in Tribeca, circulated on the internet, amplifying the gravity of the situation.

The incident serves as a reminder of the unfortunate security challenges faced by celebrities like Taylor Swift, who has previously dealt with similar instances of intrusion into her personal space.

Swift’s Security Challenges:

David Crowe is not the first individual to allegedly target Taylor Swift’s residences. In recent years, Swift’s homes, including those in New York, have been subject to multiple security breaches.

Prior to Crowe’s arrest, another individual attempted to enter Swift’s Tribeca townhouse, facing unrelated charges.

While the police have not confirmed a direct connection between these incidents, reports suggest a potential link.

History of Stalking Incidents:

Swift’s fame has unfortunately attracted individuals with ill intentions in the past.

Notably, Roger Alvarado attempted to break into her New York home six years ago, eventually succeeding in gaining access after serving time in jail.

In a separate incident in 2020, Eric Swarbrick received a prison sentence for sending threatening letters to Swift’s former record label.


The arrest of David Crowe highlights the ongoing security challenges faced by Taylor Swift and other celebrities.

As legal proceedings unfold, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of public figures, emphasizing the need for robust security measures in the face of persistent threats.

David Crowe Net Worth Analysis:

  • In the year 2021 David Crowe Net Worth is up to $ 100 K
  • In the year 2022 David Crowe Net Worth is up to $ 150 K
  • In the year 2023 David Crowe Net Worth is up to $ 200 K

Now In 2024 David Crowe Net Worth is up to $ 200 K

David Crowe Social Media:

1)InstagramDavid Crowe
268 posts
704 following
Instagram id: click here
2)YouTubeDavid Crowe
3.2 K subscribers
YouTube id: click here
3)FacebookDavid Crowe
10 following
Facebook Account: click here
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FAQ’s About David Crowe:

Q1) Who is David Crowe

Answer: David Crowe is a 33-year-old individual from Seattle, recently in the news for his arrest on charges of stalking Taylor Swift.

Q2) When was David Crowe arrested?

Answer: David Crowe was arrested on January 22, 2024, by the New York Police for allegedly stalking Taylor Swift.

Q3) Where did the arrest of David Crowe take place?

Answer: The arrest of David Crowe occurred in New York City, near Taylor Swift’s residence.

Q4) What was David Crowe doing that led to his arrest?

Answer: David Crowe was reportedly seen walking around Taylor Swift’s home, asking people if she lived there, prompting concerns and leading to his arrest.

Q5) Where does David Crowe currently live?

Answer: David Crowe is a resident of Seattle, Washington, in the United States.

Q6) What are the potential legal consequences for David Crowe?

Answer: David Crowe could face legal consequences for the charges of harassment and stalking, with the severity determined by the legal proceedings.

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