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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jerry Trlica Net Worth is 💰 $ 8 Million.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jerry Trlica Net Worth General Information:

Total Net Worth-$ 5 Million.
Full NameJerry Jacob Trlica
Friend/Family members:Denise Milani
Monthly Income-$ 80,000+
Age-Jerry Trlica is 71 years old
height- 5feet 8inches /178CM
weight85kg / 190 pounds
Birth place/Date of birth-Born in 9 August 1956 in America
ProfessionJerry Trlica is Owner Of ‘JLT Restoration’ And a Celebrity Husband
NationalityJerry Trlica Is a American by Nationality.
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Jerry Trlica Introduction:

Jerry Trlica, a 66-year-old American, gained attention for being the husband of the well-known model Denise Milani. Born in 9 August 1956 in America. Not much is known about his early life or education.

Some sources suggest he is a carpenter, while others claim he owns an antique furniture restoration service called ‘JLT Restoration’ in Pasadena, California, since 1980Living in Los Angeles, California, the Trlica family enjoys a blissful life away from the media spotlight.

Despite his wife’s fame, Jerry has not actively sought attention or shared details about his current whereabouts or activities. His low-key approach to public life leaves many aspects of Jerry Trlica’s personal history shrouded in myster

Jerry and Denise’s love story:

Denise Milani, known for her fitness and modeling career, has a life story that intrigues many. Born Denise Krajickova Trlica on April 24, 1976, in Prague

Jerry and Denise’s love story is shrouded in mystery. They reportedly met at an undisclosed location, fell in love, and had a lavish wedding. The couple shares a son named Jacob Trlica. Despite Denise’s public visibility, Jerry keeps a low profile, not sharing details about his family.

Initially married to Czech carpenter Jerry Trlica, who owns JLT Restoration in Pasadena, California, Denise’s past reveals a twist. Before her marriage to Jerry, she was reportedly in a relationship with Kara Milani in Prague. Kara, the daughter of a Czech mob boss named Deandre Milani, played a significant role in Denise’s life.

As of 2010, rumors circulated about Denise prioritizing her career and personal growth. However, the current status of Jerry and Denise’s relationship remains unconfirmed. Both maintain a private stance on their personal lives, with Denise refraining from sharing pictures of Jerry and their child on social media.

Is Denise Milani Bisexual? Her Past “Wife” Means Something:

The story goes that Denise and Kara became friends and eventually a couple. Allegedly, they got married, and Denise legally changed her name to Denise Milani. However, details about Kara and Denise’s relationship are scarce, with no clear signs of a breakup or continued togetherness. Denise eventually moved to Los Angeles, where she might have crossed paths with Jerry.

Denise’s current life seems to be single, focused on her fitness and modeling career. Her Instagram reflects a joyful life with her dog, Lukita, but no signs of a husband or wife. Notably, there is no mention of a son in her social media posts.

Jerry Trlica Net Worth Analysis:

  • In the year 2021 Jerry Trlica Net Worth is up to $2.75 Million
  • In the year 2022 Jerry Trlica Net Worth is up to $ 4.45 Million
  • In the year 2023 Jerry Trlica Net Worth is up to $6.55 Million

Now In 2024 Jerry Trlica Net Worth is up to $ 8 Million.

Jerry Trlica Social Media:

1)InstagramJerry Trlica
853 posts
484 following
Instagram id: click here
2)YouTube Jerry Trlica
10.8K subscribers
55 videos
YouTube id:click here
3)FacebookJerry Trlica& Denise Milani
Facebook Account: click here
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